Investing Resources

There are several blog, traditional, and video sources that I use to keep abreast of goings on in the markets. I list some of them below with descriptions of why.

Wall Street Journal – I spend my entire day on this online. There is so much information, most of it tying back to business and investing. Gold mine.

Yahoo Finance – this is a surprisingly thorough resource for market news and for simple charting. Furthermore their data is very accurate compared to other free platforms.

Investopedia – half dictionary/wiktionary, half content source. This site is GREAT for defining and simplifying money terms.

The Economist – I have print and digital subscription and enjoy the Economist Espresso app for short morning reads on the metro. It’s good to get a British view of business issues and politics.

Morningstar – this is subscription based but offers a wealth of information about stocks, bonds, alternative investments, various funds, and myriad other investing insights. The site also offers several portfolio analyzers to augment your investment research.

Your broker Рwhether you use eTrade, Scottrade, Merrill Lynch, Robin Hood, or whatever other platform, there are several resources available to you. Make use of them early and often.

More resources will be added to this post, but please feel free to comment below to add your own as well!


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