End of the Year, New Beginning

Though you may be one of the many who cannot wait to be rid of 2016, the market will shudder to see it go.  There were early year jitters, markets sputtered, and people worried we may be headed for recession.  Rate rises were supposed to occur 4 times this year (it didn’t), oil prices were supposed to be down at permanent new lows (they weren’t), and with the rise in oil prices, the market recovered.  Then boomed.  Then thundered.  We have seen all-time highs off the strength of the oil rebound and the Trump election (reduced regulation, lower corporate and capital gains taxes = mo money), beyond even pre-recession levels where people were foolishly buying everything!

So what does this mean for you?  It means in good times or bad there is opportunity for you.  If the markets drop, you buy things cheap.  If the markets are hot, reduce your buying and take profits where you can.  But the bottom line is to be agile, to do your research, to always be reading, to pay attention to what you buy regularly and buy those companies.  Follow the smart minds, follow the smart money, do it while you’re young.

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