About Me

Welcome to my brain space.  I am humble Christian (yeah, right) with passion for broadening awareness about finance and investing. I have a bachelor’s and master’s in finance and have invested for 10 years or so.  Too many of us middle and lower class folks have no idea how simple it is to make money from the businesses that we buy from. I am here to bridge that gap, for the free (and later for the fee). Follow me on this journey of learning, as I believe I can learn as much from you as you can from me.

I am giving you my random thoughts about personal finance, about investing, and about current events that may affect your future planning. Check out 3Cents posts to get my quick thoughts, 3Dollars posts to break down the markets and current events, and 3Notes posts for my longer-form informative posts.  ALL of these thoughts are mine and they are mine only.  Let’s build wealth in our families and our communities together.