3Dollars: March 20, 2017

We’re back in business after my birthday week hiatus! Today was a huge news day, but small market day…here’s how we see things…

$1 The Trump Administration is showing us the sort of headline risk that we can face in our investments. Negative headlines can take down the most sound companies and thus should be factored in when considering investments. The White House’s current issues with Russia and false wiretap claims have little effect on our portfolios, but offer a great lesson in headline risk (also see #DeleteUber’s impact on ride-sharing results for Uber AND Lyft).

$2 Two of the three major U.S. stock markets indexes dropped a bit, but overall there was little in the way of big news. The weekend meeting of the G20 (int’l finance leaders) led to a more protectionist stance from world powers. This has currencies and markets around the world a bit shaky.

$3 Since I missed it on my birthday, the Fed raised the Federal Funds rate by .25% last week. This reaffirms the narrative for further growth in banking, particularly strong financial institutions like Bank of America.

That’s it for now, but there will be plenty to cover this week.


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