3Dollars: March 13, 2017

Today markets ended relatively flat today. Here are my takeaways:

$1 Investors await the results of the Fed meeting on 14-15 March. As mentioned before, rate hikes are expected this week so many are awaiting the final outcome to make their trades.

$2 The Congressional Budget Office released its report on the American Health Care Act, as proposed by Republican lawmakers in the House. The report suggests some 14M people will lose their insurance next year, but the national debt will decrease over 10 years. Health care groups are opposing the bill. Expect much volatility in the health sector as this gets ironed out.

$3 The Brexit bill passed the House of Lords in the UK, clearing a major hurdle. Scotland also pursued a second independence referendum, exacerbating the uncertainty in Europe. Currencies should continue to fluctuate, affecting multinational companies.

All for now.


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