3Dollars: February 27, 2017

In a day that was devoid of major news outside of the Oscars controversy, here’s my take on today…

$1 President Trump is set to ask for some $54B additional funding for defense, at the direct expense of non-defense federal agencies. Means great things for defense contractors like Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics…

$2 Warren Buffett is all in with Apple ($AAPL). Recent financial reporting shows he increased one of his Berkshire investors’ position from 10 million shares to around 130 million shares. Apple’s earnings beat paid off multiple billions in profit for Mr. Buffett.

$3 Congress confirmed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a positive sign for Trump’s America first trade policy. Remains to be seen what this means for multi-national companies that we are currently invested in.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the limited posts during last week’s rest period but we’re back in the saddle!


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