3Dollars: February 10, 2017

The quick and dirty:

$1 The White House confirmed Trump’s comments about unveiling of a comprehensive tax overhaul, the first since 1986. There are rumors of tax breaks benefiting those outside of the 1% along with provisions for repatriation of overseas funds by corporations at lower tax rates (with money earmarked for infrastructure). Stay tuned here.

$2 President Trump reaffirmed support for the “One China” in a call with President Xi Jinping Thursday night. He followed up with an in person meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, encouraging open trade along the way. Markets in Asia and the U.S. are happy and stand to gain here.

$3 President Trump has indicated he will write a new executive order rather than appeal the 9th District Circuit’s decision not to reinstate his travel ban. Investments in tech stocks will probably enjoy less volatility in the short term as a result. The tweet below is null and void, I suppose?


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